Путешествия бизнес авиацией

We often come across people who say that if it wasn’t such a hassle trying to book a flight or holiday they would travel more often. Comments like this defeat the reason why a travel agent exists.  The object of the industry is to act and deal on behalf of a traveler… act and deal — Key words at European 2000!

Our clients say, «…

Mr. Jeff Sorenson — Operations Manager, North Flying.
European 2000 rapidly met our Aircraft’s quick Turn around requirements and manage to dispatch the flight well within the 45 minutes in Malta. Their Staff deserve an Olympic Gold Medal!!!

Авиаперелеты на спортивные события

Miss Clair Aguis — Personal Secretary, AON Insurers.
European 2000’s staff show an expert and practical approach to our travel needs even when compared to longer standing and established agents. They Constantly produce cost effective travel solutions.

Mr. Thomas and Evelyn Harrison.
We frequently need to go to Manchester to see our children and grandchildren. European 2000 always do manage to get us those special offers without which we couldn’t afford to go on our retired expatriate pensions.

…Gain Points with our Preferential client scheme and get rewards such as discounted accomodation, upgrades to higher class travel, priority bookings, Free entrance to VIP lounges… and many more!

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