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Путешествия бизнес авиацией


Our staff will shop around for better value package and prices, We are not affiliated to any one particular Airline so we are able to offer the best price from all available Airlines.


British Airways to Gatwick & Heathrow Lm 79.00
British Airways to Hong Kong Lm 245.00
British Airways to Los Angeles Lm 235.00 
Lufthansa to Frankfurt, Munich, Brussels Lm 97.00
Lufthansa to New York Lm 155.00
Lufthansa to Miami Lm 175.00
Swiss Air to Zurich Lm 95.00
Air Malta to Paris Lm 110.00
Air Malta to Gatwick & Heathrow Lm 79.00
Air Malta to Larnaca, Moscow & Istanbul Lm 72.00
Air Malta to Birmingham Lm 132.00
Alitalia to Rome Lm 85.00
Alitalia to Milan, Turin, Venice Lm 97.00
Emirates to Melbourne Austrailia Lm 300.00
Emirates to Athens Lm 65.00
Emirates to Dubai Lm 175.00
Sabre Airways to Gatwick Lm 65.00
Sabre Airways to Manchester Lm 75.00
Singapore Airlines to Singapore Lm 350.00
Thai Airlines to Bangkok Lm 380.00



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Авиаперелеты на спортивные события

Please Note that:

The above prices quoted are correct at time of publishing.

All special offers are time limited and subject to availability and seats remaining on the client’s particular date of travel.

The above prices do not include airport and passenger taxes. Some special requirements may apply, for example travel may have to be over a weekend or a Sunday etc…

The Airlines mentioned have published these prices but are not to be held responsible for them if contacted direct and should in no way be deemed to have to honor these prices to the general public.

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