RocketRoute upgrades to one-stop-shop app

Путешествия бизнес авиацией

Air BP and RocketRoute have launched a new and upgraded RocketRoute app for business and general aviation that aims to be a ‘one-stop-shop’ for pilots and operators. The app is on display at this week’s European Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition (EBACE) in Geneva.

The new RocketRoute app will enable pilots to connect directly with ground handlers, FBOs and aviation providers worldwide. Users can source and view any service provider at a particular airport, select the services they require and complete their order.

Авиаперелеты на спортивные события

RocketRoute co-founder Kurt Lyall explained the new service: “This new all-embracing RocketRoute app is something we have been developing in collaboration with Air BP since late last year. It brings together everything in a single integrated service, making it easier for the pilot to communicate with their preferred service providers and reduces paperwork for the operator.

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“We liberate the pilot to focus on flying, saving time and effort for everyone. It will also provide solutions for those trip planning issues that pilots and operators have identified as being the most problematic and time-consuming.”

Solutions include bringing the flight plan, trip paperwork, billing and payment all together in one suite and synchronising automatically with flights filed via Eurocontrol and the US FAA.