Airports in Malta

Путешествия бизнес авиацией

Malta International Airport (MLA) in the capital, Valletta, is the only international airport in Malta, which successfully handles the flow of tourists from around the world. Inaugurated in 1958, the country’s main gateway is also known as Luqa Airport.

In addition to standard comfortable facilities, the airport also has La Valette Club with its VIP area, complementary snacks and drinks, flight information boards.  While waiting for their flights, travelers can explore dining facilities, enjoy a spectacular view from the spacious Observation Deck or visit the Airport’s chapel.

Aviav TM Cofrance SARL is pleased to announce that passengers who choose private jet charters can also enjoy the comfortable Conference area with its sound proofed rooms, as well as the separate arrival area. The VIP services provided for business guests include chauffeur service driving up to the aircraft and down to destination, and porterage service to take care of the luggage.

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Duty-free shops and boutiques located in the terminal offer varieties of world famous brands. Passengers with reduced mobility are provided with best suitable assistance. Malta International Airport serves destinations in Europe, Asia, North Africa with 50 airlines carrying passengers all year round.

If no direct flight is available to a particular destination (for example, St. Petersburg),  Aviav TM Cofrance SARL is happy to offer private jet charter services.

The airport’s two runways are equipped with the latest technology and can accommodate aircraft of any class.

Luqa Airport is where Air Malta, the only national airline is based. A spacious car park and a taxi stand are available in the square in front of the passenger terminal. Valletta is easily accessed from the airport, either by a regular bus (just a 5 km distance, the fare being 2 EUR) or a taxi (17 EUR).

Авиаперелеты на спортивные события

In 2010 – 2011, Malta International Airport was awarded with the title of Europe Best Airport. It also has the most scenic landing in the world, with Nice of France ranking second, according to a poll of air travellers.

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Lovely Gozo Airport

The second airport in Malta is Xewkija or Gozo (GZM), located on the island of Gozo. It is mainly a heliport where you can charter a modern helicopter, with the assistance of Aviav TM Cofrance SARL . A helicopter flight is more than just moving from one place to another. It’s always an exciting experience.  The island heliport of Xewkija, located in the land of the fabled nymph, Calypso, is not connected to the international airport in Valletta by regular flights. In fact, it is a helipad serving private helicopters.

Aviav TM Cofrance SARL’s staff will charter a helicopter for you to travel both inside and outside Malta, as well as offer air taxi services, the arrangements being completed within no longer than several hours and will not cause any problem or delay.

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The helipad landing area consists of 23 sectors. Guests are welcome to stay either at nearby modern hotels or cozy, traditionally designed guest houses located on the pristine beaches of the Mediterranean coast. A flight in a private helicopter with Aviav TM Cofrance SARL from the airport in Valletta is short but very picturesque.  From helicopter windows, travellers can admire the view of ancient citadel, temples, bastions, whimsically curved capes and an endless open sea with yachts and ships.

Aviav TM Cofrance SARL’ staff are always there to offer air sightseeing tours around the Maltese archipelago from the airport in the capital, Valletta and Gozo heliport.