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The island state of Malta is now not only an attractive travel destination, but also a nation, which citizenship is sought after by thousands of immigrants from various countries.

Malta’s appeal is explained not only by its Mediterranean climate, but also by its economic living conditions. Local citizenship confers entitlement to a European passport and means:

  • Unrestricted visa-free travel to all of the EU member-states and over 160 other countries.
  • Living in one of Europe’s safest countries. According to the statistics, there are only 0.3 crimes of violence per 1,000 Maltese residents.
  • Rights and benefits of a resident of a European state.
  • Successful business in the territory of Europe in a stable political and financial environment.
  • Possibility to provide children with a sound higher education well-regarded worldwide.

All these privileges are undoubtedly worth trying to obtain Maltese citizenship:

  • Submit all necessary documents,
  • Make the investment  required by law,
  • Wait for about a year. This is exactly how long it takes to become a full-fledged Maltese national and get a European passport.

Nice-based multi-specialized broker and legal agency Cofrance SARL is backed by many years of experience in handling the matters of Maltese citizenship and knows how it can be obtained.

Residence on the Island of Malta

Potential candidates, who are not yet residents, are strongly advised to start the procedure of selecting a place of residence in Malta as soon as possible, as the Individual Investor Program requires residence on the island during twelve months. It is vital to have an official place of residence in the country when applying for Maltese citizenship. Concurrently with registration of the application a small contribution to the National Development and Social Fund must be made in the amount of €5,000 for the main applicant and €1,000 per each family member.

Individual Investor Calendar

Day 1: An application for the Malta Individual Investor Program is submitted to Malta’s citizenship acquisition bureau via an authorized person. As early as at this stage, the filed documents must contain mandatory proof of availability of the necessary assets.

At this stage the following mandatory payments must be made:

Processing fee:

The main applicant for citizenship — €7,500

Spouse — €5,000

Minor children (aged 0 to 12) — free of charge

Minor dependent children (aged 13 to 17) — €3,000 each

Adult dependents —  €5,000 each

Maltese passport issuing fee:

For all applicants: €500 each.

Bank charges:

Per application: €200.

All payments total about €10,000. Each payment is made as part of the application procedure for Maltese residency and credited on the applicant’s behalf to a special account.

Day 5: Within five days after submission of the documents, services of the Naturalization Ministry inform the applicant or his/her authorized representative of acceptance of the application for review. Authorities may also request additional details or documents.

Day 90: Receipt of confirmation of the Naturalization Ministry that the application and attached documents meet the requirements. However, data of the applicant may be challenged and supplemented within 30 more days in the event of prescribed verifications to be held on behalf of Maltese immigration authorities.

Day 120: Approval of the application. It means that the application for Maltese citizenship by investment has been approved subject to the applicant’s conformity with all other statutory naturalization obligations established by the investment program provisions.

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Day 125: Services of the Naturalization Ministry send to the applicant an official request for payment of the remainder of the contribution to the National Development and Social Fund. The applicant has 20 days to pay the full amount.

Contribution request stage (CRS) – contribution to the National Development and Social Fund:

The main applicant for citizenship — €640,000

Spouse — €25,000

Children aged below 18 — €25,000

Unmarried children aged 18 and over, but below 27 — €50,000

Adult dependents, parents and grandparents aged over 55 — €50,000 each

Obligations of investment in real estate:

Purchase of residential property valued over €350,000.


Lease of residential property with a minimum annual rate of €16,000.

In both cases property must be owned or leased for no less than five years and must not lie empty or be subleased out.

Day 145: Deadline for participation in the Maltese economic citizenship program. The contribution to the National Fund must have been made by this time.

Day 240: The final stage of obtaining Maltese citizenship. The applicant must substantiate his/her investment by acquiring bonds worth €150,000 and provide proof of purchase or lease of property on the island of Malta.

Portfolio investment obligations — €150,000.

Naturalization Certificate

Upon fulfilment of all provisions of the Malta Individual Investor Program by the applicant, signing and taking an Oath of Allegiance to the Maltese state he/she is issued a Naturalization Certificate and a Maltese Passport.

The names of persons, who have obtained Maltese citizenship under the Individual Investor Program, are annually published in the Governmental Gazette together with the list of those, who have received Maltese citizenship under other local legislative provisions.

If you need more details of Maltese citizenship by investment, feel free to contact the staff of Cofrance SARL for individual confidential consultations.

Applying for citizenship in an electronic format

A residence application may also be submitted in an electronic format. In this case the following documents and forms are to be filled in.

Авиаперелеты на спортивные события

Depending on his/her current citizenship an applicant must fill in various forms:

  • Applicants, who are not Nationals of the EU member-states, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland must fill in

1) Form K – Economic Self-Sufficiency,

2) Form ID 1A – Identity Registration Form in an electronic format (Non-Maltese nationals).

  • Nationals of the EU member-states, Iceland, Lichtenstein or Switzerland must fill in

1) Form J –  Economic Self-Sufficiency,

2) Form ID 1A – Identity Registration Form in an electronic format (Non-Maltese nationals).

3) Form ID2 – Application form for a photo or biometrics,

4) European Union voter registration form.

ORIGINALS of the following documents must be submitted:

  • Economic Self-Sufficiency document: Form K or FormJ
  • Identity Registration Form in an electronic format for non-Maltese nationals: Form ID 1A
  • Application form for a photo or biometrics: Form ID2
  • European Union voter registration form

In each form:

  • All lines and graphs in each application form must be filled in or marked by special symbols, if statements are inapplicable to any person.
  • All information entered into a corresponding form will be deemed true and correct.
  • All forms must be signed and dated as required.
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Please, make sure that all forms are properly filled in according to the current citizenship of proposed applicants to avoid potential problems that may delay document processing.

Please, also make sure that Economic Self-Sufficiency Forms K or J are filled in for every individual family member.

Application for electronic residence – supporting documents

  1. International Passport

Certified true copies of International Passports or Travel Documents (as applicable) are required from each applicant for electronic residence, including minor dependents.

Make sure that the copies and the MRZ code on the data page are clear and readable.

Only copies of the following pages are required:

  • Passport numbers, dates, places of issue and expiry dates;
  • Photo, name, date and place of birth;
  • Country of issue and signature

If the applicant has several international passports as a national of several countries, certified copies of each passport must be submitted as stated above.

  1. Health Insurance Policy

Proof must be provided of each applicant for an electronic resident status having a “comprehensive” health insurance policy. Certified true copies of the policy must be submitted with clear indication of the applicant’s name and insurance terms and conditions under the policy.

The policy must cover medical expenses in the amount of at least €50,000 per person.

  1. Bank statement

Certified true copies or original bank account statements are required from the proposed Main Applicant. Please, make sure that the statements are not older than three months before the application date and that they are readable and complete. If any statements are in a language other than English, please, have them professionally translated.

  1. Property lease or purchase contract

The proposed Main Applicant must submit evidence of his/her residence in Malta. Please, submit certified copies of a contract of lease or sale of property.

  1. Introductory Letter

An introductory letter written by the proposed Main Applicant must be submitted explaining in detail the reasons for applying for electronic citizenship. This letter must be submitted in the original and include a detailed description of the reasons of application and must be duly signed and dated.

Depending on the completeness and correctness of the required documents, official representatives of state authorities will process the application and proceed to collecting the necessary biometric data for subsequent issue of an electronic resident card.

An appointment can be made by contacting authorities by phone and on the email address of the officers responsible for processing electronic residence applications. It is vital to make an appointment by email and attach scanned copies of international passports, residence permits of each family member and Forms K or J.

It is also strongly recommended to submit all application forms and supporting documents at least a week prior to the date, when the proposed applicants are invited for an interview. This will be a guarantee of proper solving of potential problems before the invitation is issued to the applicant.

Take note that electronic residence cards under the Malta Individual Investor Program are valid for eighteen (18) months.

Extension of the resident status

Upon expiry of the electronic residence card’s validity, applicants must repeat the above-mentioned procedure. The mandatory governmental fee in this case will be €200. Responsible authorities must be informed of the intent to extend the Card’s validity in advance.

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Maltese citizenship: Q&A


Obtaining Maltese citizenship: may documents be submitted in the French language?

All documents related to the Maltese citizenship program must be either submitted in English or supported by certified translation. It should be noted that documents must be submitted to the Naturalization Ministry concurrently with their English translations. Translated documents must include contact details of the translator.

Purchasing Maltese citizenship: taxation consequences of obtaining Maltese citizenship

Becoming an EU national under the investment program on the island of Malta has no consequences from the point of view of taxation! Even if a person selects Malts as his/her permanent residence, he/she may retain the non-resident status. Applicants, who decide to become Maltese residents, but don’t reside in the country, pay a tax on the income derived by them in the territory of the country. Malta has no taxes on residential property, heritage or inheritance, income or wealth. Malta has double taxation treaties with 60 countries worldwide.

Dual citizenship on the island of Malta (second passport)

Those, who obtain their second citizenship by investment, are not legally obligated to give up their initial citizenship. Malta does not impose any restrictions on dual citizenship.

Investment in Malta: my future children or grandchildren — will they get EU citizenship?

Any child of parents having Maltese citizenship will also be deemed a national of this state. It means that children born of a father or a mother, who has obtained Maltese citizenship under the Private Investor Program, will become full-fledged nationals of the European Union. By joining the Maltese citizenship program you ensure the best future in the political and economic sense, as well as wider opportunities for your offspring.

Do I need to confirm my command of the language?

The Malta investment program has no provision for any language tests. Applicants are not required to be proficient in the Maltese or English languages to be accepted to the investment program.

EU citizenship by investment

Malta became a European Union member-state in 2004. European level contracts guarantee Maltese nationals a freedom of movement within the EU: they are free to live, work and study in other EU countries, including Switzerland. It means that holders of passports of Maltese nationals may travel to Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK.

May my children study in Europe?

Apart from a European passport those, who have obtained Maltese citizenship under the foreign investor program, have an opportunity to study in European universities with no need to register as foreign students. This right is also afforded to their children.

Get an individual consultation on Maltese citizenship from the staff of Cofrance SARL.

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